🔗 ooh.directory - “I’ve just opened the doors on a new project I’ve been working on, ooh.directory, a collection of hundreds of blogs, to help people find good blogs that interest them.”

🔗 Why journalists are so desperate to find a Twitter alternative - “That’s because Twitter has served, for more than a decade, as the de-facto platform on which journalists built their own personal followings outside their places of employment. While mainstream media outlets have historically been reluctant to help grow their reporters’ personal brands, many have acquiesced to allow Twitter handles to appear in bylines and author bios. Twitter has operated as the primary venue for writers to take their audiences with them as they move from job to job.” Well, all of us in an external facing, personality-driven line of work.

🎶 I’m enjoying re-discovering DJ-driven music shows. There’s so many sites and shows now, from Apple Music to more, like this:

🔗 A world rebalancing - Macro/headwind, blah blah predictions.

🔗 Tutorial: Introduction to VMware Tanzu Application Platform -

🔗 Somebody is going to wake up to a potato in their shoe. -

🔗 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2022 London: Day 1 Highlights - This is a good format and more like this from the big analyst shops would be awesome. Also, Gartner is going, like, all in on platform engineering: “Adopting a platform engineering approach is vital. I&O leaders use platform engineering to deliver shared infrastructure platforms.”

🔗 Amazon Alexa is a “colossal failure,” on pace to lose $10 billion this year - ‘Amazon also tried to partner with companies for Alexa skills, so a voice command could buy a Domino’s pizza or call an Uber, and Amazon could get a kickback. The report says: “By 2020, the team stopped posting sales targets because of the lack of use."’



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