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Living with “a self-styled countess and her companion, a blackmailer, alchemist, magician and thief”

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“I’m sorry I made you wait. But, I was busy making you wait.” Slow Horses, s2e4

🔗 What Top Tech Leaders Are Saying About Multi-Cloud Security, IT Innovation and Efficiency - “50% of enterprise technology executives strongly agree that their tech architecture can quickly support major changes to business strategies.” Also, questions on security stuff.

🔗 Take control of the story you tell about yourself - Three themes you should put in your self-story to make you, I guess, happier: agency/control, redemption/growth/improvement, and competence. I’m a cautious believer in the “fake until you make it” theory of mental health - this take of making the story of yourself better seems like a more realistic approach. I mean, it’s all self-brainwashing bullshit, but why not?

🔗 The Executive Target Persona - Part Two - More on running executive dinner events for tech company marketing/account and community building, from Hinada.

🔗 CNET Is Quietly Publishing Entire Articles Generated By AI - “AP’s justification for using AI — and a talking point being adopted across the industry — is that it frees up journalists and other staff from having to write tedious recaps. In reality, it’s hard to believe that the technology would forever be limited to a cure to tedium and never intrude on “real” writing jobs.”

“I’ve seen some people call these YouTube poops, which is a style of absurdist video content where you mash together a bunch of clips and effects, but that’s not what these are really” here.,, @cote