I’ve been using NetBeans here at work, and — horror or horros! — I’m actually starting to like it. I can’t even get it to jump to classes that aren’t in the package I’m working in — this despite endless “parser DB updates” — but, other than that, and, well, me not being able to figure out getting it to compile in a trustworthy fashion (but that’s what Ant’s for) — it’s kind of a nice editing tool.

Re: coding style — the holy wars:

This whole thing is just plain silly. I have been programming in Java since 1996 and have written god-knows-how-many thousands of classes and I have never had a problem that this “standard” is supposed to fix. Just stick to the Sun recommendations and let programmers worry about more important things than following some inane standard about what they must name their local variables.


Dude, back in highschool, our man Gunn Salelanonda was fuckin’ busy movin’ computer shit on USEnet.

Of course, as with others, there’s always a gem to be found in the USEnet archives:

From: gunn salelanonda
Subject: W: I’d like a baby hedgehog
Newsgroups: austin.forsale
Date: 1995/08/16

My highschool russian class would like a baby hedgehog.
Does anyone have any expectant hogs? Or know where I can find one?

And, yes, there’s plenty of junk from my old days too, e.g.,

From: Michael Cote’ (cote@mesas.com)
Subject: Re: HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY….Secrets to instant sex appeal
Newsgroups: comp.emacs
Date: 1997/10/13


> HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY….Secrets to instant sex appeal

Well, it’s pretty easy in emacs. M-x attract-member-opposite-sex

Now, that’s a pretty long, so you might want to use tab completion
on there somewhere.

You also might want to set up the variable what-sex-am-i or it’ll
default to male (you know, all those chauvinist emacs developers!)

Hah! emacs jokes! I kill(ed) me! Hah…eh…well…good night everybody…

Continental Players

It’s been the same for the last 3 days…” –Charles

It seems the friends are all over the place: Mason sent me an e-mail from Cote d’Ivorie:

I am here in Abijan, Cote D’Ivoire.

We worked on our tans and gourged ourselves on fish. Abijan is cool…They’ve got good croissants and real coffee too. In any case Were set to be back in spain mid june

I say there’s no need to ask why you’re traveling; whether it’s in Africa, Peru, or just kickin’ it old school at the Indy 500, you’re traveling because it’s fun, hell, ’cause it’s what humans do and have done since their creation, birth, or whatever. Have fun.

And send me cool shit ;>

XML IN PRACTICE – Fractals, Self Similarity, and the Whimsical Boundaries of XML Documents:

I find looking at a tag structure without the tag names visible a humbling experience that is good for the soul. It shows in stark relief the futility of the boundaries we create in data modeling. We create a boundary whenever we split a universe of information into chunks we call “documents” which we then aggregate together into collections of documents. Prior to tagging any information into XML we need to decide where the concept of document stops and the concept of document collection starts.

Turd Ferguson…funny name

Turd Ferguson, it's a funny name

First off, good old Will Ferrell had his last episode of SNL this week. Ain’t that a damn shame?

Dude, so I was all excited tonight to see The Simpson’s. I cut
my quest for a Stendhal book I’d seen in Houston — settling on a Penguin
Classics paperback of
Love instead — in hopes of
getting back in time to see the show at 7PM. Instead, the last X Files
episode was on, and all I have to say about that is, “Is that all?”

I haven’t watched the X-Files for, well, about 2-3 years. Ever since
that dude from The Terminator got on the show it seemed kind of
blah to me. I’ve always been fascinated with the show, if only to figure out
what the hell was going on.

In this last episode we learn, largely through court testimony, that the
whole deal was composed of:

  • Planet-smegma from Mars landed on Earth some time ago and deposited
    the goo that became humans.
  • There was some sentient virus that accompanied this planet-smegma,
    which quickly infected some of the humans and evolved them into something else, which died some time ago.
  • The virus lies dormant for all the geological ages, humans live on,
    blah blah…
  • Now-a-days, The Aliens (who’re The Virus?) start conspiring with
    some secret government conspiracy to take over Earth.
  • This government conspiracy is working on some vaccination against
    The Virus, which they want to “selfishly” use.
  • WHAO! The Aliens don’t like malachite!
  • Mulder fucks shit up for the past 8 years!
  • Cancer Man, with a crazy hippie hair-cut, tells us that
    The Alien invasion is sometime in 2012.

That’s it, dude: show over. Which leaves us with the eternal question,
“Uh…what?…dude?” I mean, Alien invasion in 2012? Is that all
we get after 9 years? Does this mean we’ll have another X-Files
Series, e.g., “The X-Files: 2012!”?

In other news, after a week’s vacation in Houston, and my first week at my new job, I finally paid attention to the news again. There’s a big brew-ha-ha about Bush having been briefed that there was a terrorist threat around the time of the old 9/11.

While there’s already an extremely good “rebuttal” to all this brew-ha-ha, I’d like to say a little something. I’m sure the President gets briefed on dozens, if not more, potential threats to American every week, if not daily. Furthermore, I’m sure it’s physically impossible to address all of them.

Now, though I may be a red-blooded Texan, I’m about as far from a Bush fan as Nader probably is: though my feeling is almost completely groundless, I’m sure he’s grossly under qualified, getting into office through sheer “reputation” as a Bush, instead of through merit as a statesman. In short, I’m a Texan from the Ann Richards Clan, not of the Bush Clan. (Never mind the lobbying crap old Ann is doing now-a-days: I’m just happy she stuck to her guns, so to speak, on gun control instead of doing what would assure her re-election.)

With that said…I watched old Dick “I made my mill-e-ons from selling Oil to Iraq” Chaney, this morning on Meet the Press and I agreed with almost everything he said about this whole “Bush Knew” crap: to wit, “we get told all kinds of things, and we do everything that we can, but sometimes, shit just happens.”

In other news, I’m watching CNN — what other channel would I be watching in the background, dear reader? — and I see that David Caruso is gonna be back where he belongs: playing a cop on TV.

I’m back from Houston, the first day at BMC was fun. Unfortunitly, someone ran into my car in Houston; the damage is just a little dent in the front left panel, but, dude, the car had less than 800 miles on it, and some dork dorks it up.

Goodnight, everybody!

Today is my last day at Cobalt. I’ll be hanging out with Kim all next week, so there probably won’t be too much content.

Neon Sushi in Austin:

Things [in Austin] keep changing, too. New skyscrapers hover downtown and the small sushi place that used to live across the street from campus has been replaced by a huge Diesel Jeans store. Ick. Yet some things about Austin never change.
Like the food…
I stuffed myself silly on Mexican food all weekend, sometimes eating five meals…


Christmas in April

bushwald: Dude, the car people called and said my car is here today [2 days early].
bushwald: But it won’t be ready until tomorrow at 2PM.
jploius: Are you going to go get it?
bushwald: So, I’ll leave work early tomorrow (around 4PM) and pick it up.
jploius: Do it now!!!!
bushwald: No, dude, they said it won’t be ready until tomorrow.
jploius: Oh, prep
bushwald: They have to, like, tint it and then clean it or something.
jploius: What time will it be ready?
bushwald: 2PM.
bushwald: TOMORROW.
bushwald: Wednesday
jploius: Are you going to go look at it tonight?
bushwald: Nah…is that normal?
jploius: see if it has everything?
bushwald: I figure I’ll just do that tomorrow.
bushwald: There’s really not that many optional things for them to
fuck up though.
bushwald: The only “diffs” are the sound system and the tint.
jploius: How will you sleep?
bushwald: I’ll have 3-4 glasses of Scotch.
bushwald: That’s what I did last night ;>
jploius: :)

This Friday is my last day working at The Cobalt Group where I’ve been cube’ing at since Halloween 2001, a scant 6 months.

The folks at BMC gave me a call recently to offer me a job working in Kinman’s group, doing more good old Java stuff. I know some folks have had bad expierences at BMC, but I think Kinman makes a good canary for what my job there’ll be like; and our old friend chowe works there too, so it can’t be all that bad a’tall.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it quite a lot.

Anyhow, there ya have it.

I use the old Yahoo! Mail
, but I check my mail through their web-interface. I likes it quite a bit.

Actually, I “cheat” a little bit in my “mail solution” in that I also pay $15/yr. to POBox.com for e-mail forwarding; thus, my public address is cote AT pobox.com. What with all my domain names, I could be doing this kind of thing on my own (cote@drunkandretired.com, bigfathairyape@nudesleeper.com, etc.), but I’ve used this service for as long as I can remember, so I am kind of locked into it for now.

I also, uh, well, er…I paid Yahoo! $25/yr. for extra e-mail space. All you unix folks out there are always telling me there’s no need for that, but, I mean, I just type in my credit card number, and a few minutes later, everything just works. I’m lazy.

Unfortunitly, Yahoo! Mail has been damn slow of late, and about half the time I have to re-load a page; I click check e-mail, or I send an e-mail, and I just get back a blank page.

Nonetheless, I love my Yahoo! Mail: I can check it from anywhere, and have complete access to all my mail, address book, calendar, etc.

I finally bought myself a new car. The ’89 Deville served me well for neigh 8 years. I expect the Volvo S80 T6 to do more than the same.

I test drove this bad-boy up and down 290, and all I had to say the whole time, as wind cruised in from the sun-roof, and I listened to the radio through the 10 speakers that surrounded me…was…


Because I wanted it in black, I can’t have it ’till Thursday when they ship it. But all you fools, from the old school, can come drive and bask in the glory of Swedish Luxury.

OK, that’s enough gloating from me for about 3 years.

The S80 is sweet.


Some of you may remember Laphroaig from the Mr. Kerr days…. Well, this Bowmore is from the same Scotish Island, Islay, and it’s got that same peaty taste, but it’s not quite as salty as the old Laphroaig.

Two Fotes

“Found in Exxon on the way to Houston last week.”

“The 3 pac-men of software practice, to scale.”

Overheard in the cubical sea, “Men just don’t usually have an emotional vocabulary.”

Well, as Charles once said, in IM,
“There are really only 2 ‘true’ words: ‘YUH!’ and ‘AHHHHHHH!'”

So there ya have it.

Bold means meeting(s)

Ahh, yes, an explanation is in order…. I’ve long been the person who gets on people’s cases for lack of content production, and in the past month and half or so, I’ve become a looser in that slot myself.

My only defense is that, over there at work, I’ve been in meetings — formal and otherwise — all the damn time. Then there’s the support: lemme tell you folks, if you release a product with a user base in the 1000’s (I think), and you were the sole developer/team lead/architect/etc. for it, any question related to that product is going to be given to you first, even if it’s no how in your control to even know the answer. I could elobarate, but I don’t think I will.

There’s no excuse, though. I admit it ;>

A fine myth, Apollo and Marsyas:

Apollo once again challenged Marsyas, this time to turn his instrument upside down and both play and sing at the same time. Without thinking about the consequences, the over-confident Marsyas blindly accepted the dare, but much to his dismay he soon found out it was impossible to carry out such an action with a flute. Apollo on the other hand reversed his lyre and played a tune while singing out tales of his fellow gods. The Muses had no other choice but to declare him the winner. No one knows why Apollo chose such a cruel punishment for his rival, for he had Marsyas flayed alive and his skin nailed to a pine tree. It is said that either the satyrs blood or the many teardrops shed by his woodland friends formed the river Marsyas.

The moral being, make damn sure you know what you’re capable of before you accept a challange.

One of my Cobalt co-workers has been trying to add a new
piece of slang to the lexicon: “sugar-coté”, as in, “Well, we could
just sugar-coté it and then they’ll think it sounds great.”

I think the idea is that I’m always trying to say things in the most
positive light possible, even when I’m still (usually) talking about
something seriously, important, or deadly, or whatever.

The Joel on Software Forum – Migrating to .NET:

If you read Dr. GUI.Net for example, it seems that Microsoft changed the names of their technologies so many times, nobody is able to
figure out what technology to use.

In fact, Windows Development has become so obscure I think many developers are going back to developing libraries on their own, not using vendor-supplied libraries.

I’m shooting from the hip here, but it seems like inherent in any Microsoft based programming is a very tight desktop-thinking mentality. Perhaps the better way to put it is “application,” instead of desktop. This isn’t really bad at all, but I think it’s something the world of Microsoft programming — and by that, I mean programming such that the only real way to do it is to buy the development software from Microsoft: VB, Visual C, .NET (I guess), and all that IDE GUI stuff — doesn’t quite admit to: they make desktop applications.

Of course, the reverse can be said for the wold of programming I fall into, essentially Internet programming, which, currently, means I’m a Java programmer. I couldn’t develop a desktop application as well as a Microsoft programmer probably could, but I think I “get” doing network based programming better than the typical Microsoft programmer who, probably, “gets” desktop programming better than I do.

This is all just shooting from the hip: but the distinction between Microsoft and the rest of the programming world seems to be drawn, essentially, between desktop programming and network application programming. That’s why Sun looks goofy when it tries to do desktop stuff (AWT, Swing, etc.), and Microsoft gets laughed at when it tries to do network stuff (.NET, server security, etc.).

WebLogic Compaint of the Day

In this little section on transaction isolation levels, we’re told that the “Range of Values” is “Serializable, ReadCommitted, ReadUncommitted, or RepeatableRead”…oh, sorry, but really, those the only valid range of values that you can set is actually listed “TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED, TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED, TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ, or TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE”…nevermind what the spec says…

From The Pad

The Pad:

You’ll have to try something constructive rather than destructive next time if you really want to live out your philosophy of an productive participant.

Well, I don’t think most of the people who feel they’re being constructive at Burning Man really are interested in extending their construction beyond their immediate circle of influence. I don’t think they have any ultimate-truths that they’re trying to satisfy other than having a good time.

From the perspective of those who do have ultimate-truths beyond humanistic selfish ones, that makes Burning Man seem like a gaggle of, well, “ineffectual random wantonness.” And so it is. However, that’s exactly what, I think, most of these people want: they just want to live their life, they don’t want to help save the world.

That does make them selfish, and maybe bound for Hell or reincarnation or some cosomological punishment if they’re wrong about the consquenses of their selfishness. But, I don’t think they do believe themselves wrong. More shockingly, I don’t think the thought that their actions might be bad even occurs to them.

In honesty, it rarely occurs to me. I’ve long characterized my personal philosophy (to myself at least) as something along the lines of optimistic nihilism, in which the basic foundation is the satisfaction of desire. In reality, this simply moves The Grand Debate to (1.) asserting that I don’t know what my actual desire is, and, worse, (2.) I’ll never be able to figure out what my desire is…thus making the whole idea impossibly stupid.
But, I don’t really care that much: I’m pretty happy with where this optimistic nihilism has gotten me.

I’m certainly bucking against Pascal’s Gamble (or whatever it’s called), and I’m going to hate myself for all eternity if I end up being wrong in the end, whether that means I’m tormented by Hell, reborn as a slug, or am afflicted by someother punishment for not being able to figure out The Grand Vision correctly.

In short, as a hopfully kind rebuttle, I think both Arley and Josh are probably correct in your take on Burning Man, or whatever: it’s certainly not anything that’s going to help the world be a better place, but it probably allows those who want it to to make them better and happier people.

As I said, this just begs more of the stock questions from The Grand Debate about “What is Good,” but, so what? What doesn’t beg more questions? Indeed, if there was such a thing, then we wouldn’t be talking about this, we’d just be doing whatever The Good was.

Or not…we could debate that premis right of the bat, but this post, unlike The Grand Debate, has to end.

Here’s what you like to see when you’re doing your taxes: the estimated total amount due is around $8,500…but after double checking and moving the comma in the typo’ed amount of about $30,000 to get the correct $3,000, you see that you’re owed cash back.


It’s Always Time For Dinner Somewhere

cowboyd: dude, can you do me a favor?

bushwald: Sure.
cowboyd: my phone is out of minutes… can you order me a pizza?
bushwald: HA!
bushwald: Sure, what number do I need to dial?
cowboyd: 011 44 20 7729 4428
bushwald: What’s your address
cowboyd: [XXXXX Some Street in London], ground floor flat.
cowboyd: I’d like the deep dish hawaiin
bushwald: OK.
cowboyd: and a can of fanta.
cowboyd: yes, this is truly a bad idea, but I need pizza.
bushwald: I’ll give it a try.
bushwald: Is that all the info I need.
cowboyd: thansk coté, you’re a life-saver.
bushwald: Please hold while I try to order you a pizza in London, from Texas.
cowboyd: and not to put any undue pressure, but they close at 12:30
bushwald: Isn’t it 12:30 already?
cowboyd: 5 til.
bushwald: whao!
bushwald: I’m
bushwald: in
bushwald: What’s the post code?!
cowboyd: N18LE
bushwald: Okey dokey, they should be one the way.
cowboyd: YUH!
cowboyd: YUH!
cowboyd: YUH!
bushwald: He didn’t ask me for a credit card number though.
cowboyd: YUH!
bushwald: I got you a large.
bushwald: Rather, “the largest.”
cowboyd: sweet.
cowboyd: coté, you are the best.
bushwald: Well, we aim to please.