[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 66 – Countdown to Gravitas

In this episode, Charles and Coté storm back after a 3 week summer hiatus and unveil the ambitious D&R “Countdown to Gravitas” campaign. Also discussed: MVC architectures and Half-Life 2. True to D&R style, I’m guest-posting this episode to the D&R feed, but since I don’t have access to Cote’s CMS, I’m manually editing the rss xml by hand. Apologies for any cock-ups.

This episode edited by Charles.

Episode 65 – The Saddest Episode Ever!

In this episode, Charles and Coté get just a little bit of the actual recording. The majority is of this week’s recording is currently lost in a corrupted WAV file.

On a lighter note, check out BarCampEarth this weekend: perhaps coming to a town near you! I’ll be going to the Austin one.

Also, if you like IRC, come on over to the RedMonk IRC channel: irc://irc.freenode.net#redmonk. Perhaps we’ll start a #drunkandretired as well if ya’ll’d like that.

(This episode edited by Coté)

Episode 64 – .Net vs. JEE, Java GUI, A Whole Chicken, FileMaker Dates, Coach Jack, More Stupid Jokes from Cote’

In this episode, Charles and Coté talk about a recent prounouncement that .Net has beat out JEE, the annoyances of FileMaker, the crazy things our high school health teacher said, and things to do when the wife is away.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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Podcast: Radio Open Source

I’ve mentioned Radio Open Source several times to several of you. The most recent episode in the podcast queue, “Chomsky: My Dinner with Hassan,” is a great example of the show, as is “Re-thinking Neo-conservatism”. While I’m attracted to the American politics and Fiasco ones, there’s plenty of non-political ones to pick from.

It’s an hour long show that covers a wide-range of topics and brings together several people of “mainstream” expertise and Citizen-* experts. Chris Lydon, the host/moderator is quite unique in that he expresses strong opinions both directly and indirectly and asks follow-up questions when they’re called for. Most hosts in “issue” shows seem to be ignorant of the follow-up question, even something as simple as, “nah! really?!”

The best thing, of course, is that it’s a frequently updated podcast (here’s the RSS feed)…that isn’t tech-related. There’s a tremendous amount of community built around the blog-formatted web site; though I don’t get involved in it, you might enjoy it.

All-in-all, to get all cutesy, it’s pure Radio 2.0

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 63 – Multicast Car n’ Cdr and Drunk and Retired in Review. Plus! Charlsie gets a Weblog

In this episode, Charles and Coté finally find themselves in the same room to talk about over a year of DrunkAndRetired, multicasting, some listener comments, and all about Charles new blog.

It’s a shortie at 18 minutes.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 59 – Lightside v. Darkside, plus learning javascript the language, not the javascript the browser scriptus

Lil' Hand Guy

In this episode, we talk about OS X switching, JavaScript, and a couple of other exciting topics. But, it’s Coté and Charles discussing something.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 57 – Content is King, Social Networks, High Availability, Track Backs, Virtualization, Linux Package Management, Java and Rake, Hiring Web Redesigners

In this episode we Charles and Cote’ talk about web tools, coding, hiring web redesigners, and the usuaul lot of code-monkey fun.

The Spam plugin that Cote’ mentions is Akismet. It works damn good.

(This episode edited by Cote’)

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Episode 56 – My technical nightmare podcast with Andre, or, AJAX Do’s and Don’t’s

In this episode we talk about several AJAX and JavaScript do’s and don’t’s. Guests in this episode: André Charland, Dave Johnson, and Glenn Twiggs.

We had quite a nightmarish time recording this episode, so pardon the glitches and crap. You can hear me complaining to no end in the begining.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 55 – JomDom’s Comment’s, w3c Specs, The Coming Age of JavaScript, Rhino in Java, Java Regex Woes, The Synchronized Web, The Local Persistence Taboo

Whao. In this episode, we talk about a lot. First, we address Aaron‘s comment that he sent in about 2 weeks ago: sorry for the lag. Then we get on to talking about the world of JavaScript and web application programming. And a whole lot of other stuff. See the title for the topics.

Here are some related links:

(This episode edited by Coté)

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It’s 10:35PM. Do You Know Where Your DNS Records Are? Or, HA, The Wealth of Networks, The $100 Laptop, and Generational Change

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Mr. Steve O’Grady, the RedMonk blogs will be up-ish tomorrow. I say “up-ish” because, as most you know, dear readers, switching domain names around on the internet is not a speedy science. Indeed, I’m often taken aback at how controlled and yet how chaotic the ‘net seems.

Then again, I’d be willing to be that there are teams of jack-booted thugs with hex screw-drivers and Cisco certifications ready to keep the network up. I mean, how terrible would that be if it went down?

While we wait for The Switchover, I still have this scrappy old thing. In the world of SaaS, High Availability means having two blogs.

Other Meanings for “High Availability”

I used to work at a company. Let’s call it WXYZ, Inc. One of the class clowns there made this joke one day:

High Availability? Baby, if you wanna get high…WXYZ is available!

Remarks like this were often followed by, “Waitress! Another Dewar’s!”

The Wealth of Networks

I started reading The Wealth of Networks last night. It’s nice, dense yet concise, academic talk about how content-producers controlling the means of production and distribution changes things. Information Marxism? Sure, sign me up as long as I can have a swanky Paris flat to go with it.

I’ve read a scant 20-30 pages, and there’s already a great conclusion: the physical distribution constraints of the “industrial information age” (pre-net) were the requirements driver of all that nasty, hegemony friendly IP law we created and now have.

Now, of course:

The removal of the physical constraints on effective information production has made human creativity and the economics of information itself the core structuring facts in the new networked information economy.

At least, that’s my understanding of those pages.

PC Means “Personal Computer”

As I read it, I keep thinking about the other 4-5 billion people who aren’t on the network. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mr. Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah last week while he was in town. We had some Ruby’s BBQ and then some coffee (well, he had tea) at Spider House.

Somehow we got to talking about the $10040 laptop. He had two interesting things to say (side-note: a longer post on the hangin’ out is much over-due):

  • The notion of a 1:1 mapping between a computer and user may not be universal.
  • Hey, how ’bout them cellphones?

Which was interesting, because we talked with Nokia this morning. Now there’s a mega-platform for you: cellphones. The strange thing about The Wealth of Networks thinking (my 20-30 pages understanding of it) is that the people who run and own the networks seem a few successful startups away from being PanAm and TWA to the analogous Southwests. I mean: telcos! Come on!

In America, we always wave off madness in the telco world — Korea is light years ahead of us, I hear, and they have some sort of crazy cool network in Europe — as regulation and FUD. Really, it’s probably just 50-100 well paid people who’re waiting to retire until they screw with the golden goose.


And there we have one of my new pet-theories. (Inquire within for more pet-theories.) Technological change is generational. You have to wait for one generation to hand over the reins before real change can happen. Excited about Agile Software Development? Keep your eye on the retire date of all those managers and “decision makers.” Want better cellphone networks in America? Wait for “insiders” to retire.

If good software takes 10 years, seachanges in software take 30-40. As the man said, “get used to it.”

Of course, firing people works too, but it feels so nasty. And really, wouldn’t you just be sticking it to yourself in that case?

Luby’s Upgraded to STRONG BUY <eom>

The problem for us youngin’s is that retirement is soon to retire itself as a concept. Aside from all the fretting about not being able to live out The Golden Years in an RV or finally getting to writing That Novel, the generations in the tech world need to make a pact. A sort of realpolitik:

OK, we’re all going to keep our minds flexible and updated, right? I mean, if you’re going to stay in the work force forever, you’ll voraciously take on new ideas throughout your term, not just in the first 10 years. Maybe in exchange we’ll slow down a bit and focus on creating technology that allows you to work just 40 hours a week instead of 60. And we won’t say “no” next time you suggest Luby’s…. Okey-okey, and we’ll be less — just a little — snarky if you’re letting us play in your lawn.

Of course, we should probably be lining up to thank the generation ahead of us for working to pay the bills instead of bankrupting society. So, let me be the first: Thanks! …but now can we get on with some badly needed changes in core thinking?

Disclaimer: I actually like Luby’s. One word: okra. Bonus words: tarter sauce, deviled eggs.

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 54 – The Business and Technology of AJAX, Part 2

In this episode, we conclude the discussion on the technology and business of AJAX with Charles, André Charland, and Coté. We talk more about the business side of things in this part than we did in the first part.

Topics include:

  • More on JavaScript runtime cooperation
  • Doing business in the the de facto world of JavaScript
  • The slow death of IE6
  • Java Webstart
  • Enterprise AJAX
  • Browserless JavaScript unit testing
  • Selling and marketing AJAX
  • MDA, or Magazine Driven Architecture
  • The wide open, ready-made AJAX market

We also find out what happened in ER.

Once again, thanks to André for participating.

(This episode edited by Coté

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 53 – The Business and Technology of AJAX, Part 1

In this episode, Charles and Coté talk with guest André Charland of eBusinessApplications (or “EBA”) about the business and technology of AJAX.

This first part is more focused on the technology side of AJAX, while the soon to follow part 2 is more bid’ness.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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