IT/Business alignment: why it’s different this time

Re-reading Nick’s piece on “digital transformation,” I like how he explains what’s new and different from past waves of IT innovation (lik ERP and econmerce), e.g.:

“Going digital results in an explosion in the amount of data you have. New channels of engagement between customers and organizations have resulted in new sources of information coming into the organization at speeds not seen before. In the past, customer interaction was mostly one-way – from the organization to the customer. Now it is about customer-directed, on-demand two-way engagement anywhere on any device. Customers want to communicate on their terms in their preferred channels. That causes organizations to have to transform the way they handle such information, since having a large call center may not be enough – or even that relevant in the future, given that so much communication will come via social media, in messages or increasingly via video. Add to that the explosion in information from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and it’s pretty clear that the days of management by gut-feel and hunch are over, and data-driven decision-making is the only way to go.

And also, some numbers:

  • “Less than 25% of organizations that participated in a recent 451 Research survey (451 Research VoCUL, April 2016) said they had a well-defined formal digital transformation strategy. So we’re in the early stages of digital transformation, and there’s lots of work to be done.”
  • “Erik Brynjolfsson, Lorin Hitt and Heekyung Hellen Kim from MIT and University of Pennsylvania found that companies with data-driven decision environments have 5% higher productivity, 6% higher profit and up to 50% higher market value than other businesses.”
  • “Our research shows about 65% of IT decision-makers using agile methods and about 40% adopting DevOps today (VotE Software-Defined Infrastructure Q4 2015).”

Source: Digital transformation: the what, the why and the how


I have that certain problem with procrastination, the one where I do all sorts of things of little to high value instead of THE one thing (or things) that really needs to get done.

It’s sort of like, I’m too lazy to do the simple things I’m procastinating with without something more important to avoid.

Hyde Park Ground Sirloin Burger

Click play above to se the video review of the Hyde Park burger, read below, or do both!

Introducing The Burger Beat

Of late, I’ve noticed there’s a rash of fantastic burgers here in Austin. We’ve got all sorts of little places that serve burgers in the style of fast-food restaurants, classic-style (as the Hyde Park burger reviewed here is), and more unique variations. Whatever the style, we’ve definitely built up a culture of burgers here in Austin.

To that end, I thought I’d start reviewing Austin burgers, and call it “The Burger Beat.”

Burger #1 – Hyde Park Bar and Grill

Hyde Park Bar & Grill Burger

Kim and I went to Hyde Park Bar and Grill recently. It’s pretty much my default choice when I can’t think of somewhere else to eat, but I’d never really had their burger.

They offer three burgers: a regular, a half pound ground sirloin, and a kobe burger. The kobe burger came on a focaccia bun, which seems like a bad omen. So, I chose the sirloin, medium-rare.

As I recount in the video above, it was actually an extremely well made burger, if a little salty. You could taste the tender meat and the grill. That said, nothing really stood out about it: the bun wasn’t fantastic, it was dripping with flavor, there was no special sauce…it was just made perfectly.

Hyde Park’s french fries, of course, are legendary around Austin. They’re lightly breaded and come with a nice mayonnaise-based sauce. They’re worth ordering as an appetizer no matter what you’re getting – you’ll probably want the half order.

What’s the man, exactly? Well, you won’t be displeased, for sure, but it won’t be the most memorable burger you’ve ever had. Get it if you’re there and you want a burger.