[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 11 – Large Teams, Shitting the Field, Perfectionist Coders

A team of 100+ developers will generally develop a system so complicated it could only have been developed by a team of 100+ developers. —Darren Hobbs

In this episode, we talk with Darren Hobbs about working with a large (100+) pool of programmers on a project. And, of course, there’s some poop-jokes: gotta have that.

Thanks go out again to Zane for letting us host the MP3s on the Liquid Labs servers.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 10 – Re: Learning from Open Source

This week, we’re givin’ you two episodes! In the second one, we talk with Matt Ray and get some feedback and corrections about last week’s show, Learning from Open Source. Charles also confesses how much he likes Mozilla Suite.

Special guest stars: Super JP and Chip.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 09 – What Sucks About Ruby on Rails

In this episode we talk more about the problems with Ruby on Rails, along with some discusion of extending Xerces to get some basic JavaScript stuff tested.

Feel free to send feedback to the comments below, or email either audio recordings or comments.

Thanks to Zane Rockenbaugh of Liquid Labs for hosting the MP3s for us with his mega-pipe to the ‘net.

(This episode was edited by Charles.)

Free Ads in Podcast

Baus’s latest post got me thinking (as seems to happen daily) about good enough/indie programming. One problem, of course is marketing your services/software. Blogs, of course, work wonderfully if you can catch the right eye (see Whichard’s Blogging Theory).

To that end, it got me thinking that I should experiment with putting ads in the podcast. In addition to my pure curiosity at how it’d work out, there’s also some altruistic feelings of helping people out by giving them a chance to self-market.

So, unless Charles completely rebels at the idea, I’d invite anyone who wants to record a short 10-30 second ad to send the MP3 along.

The ad can be for anything: software your making, your website, services you have to offer, something about the company you work at, or just purely ego thing where you say “I rule!”. Really, think of it as more a free-form audio submission than an ad: ads would just be a sub-set of the acceptable submissions. The intent is to get the podcat linked into the rest of my online life: there’s no “hard links” in audio, but ads can serve as a sort of connection between the podcast and other nodes in the network.

If we should actually get any submissions, here’s how it’ll go and some more info:

  • We’ll insert the ad at the end of the show. That way, listeners can stop listening if they want to. I care about the listeners more than my curiosity for this experiment and the desire to help folks self-market.
  • If I don’t know you (in-person or online), I’m not going to put the ad in…unless you turn out to be swanky.
  • We’ll probably only have 30-60 seconds of ads, so if we get a bunch of short ones, we’ll be able to put in more.
  • We don’t have that many listeners…
  • …but we probably have a pretty niche demographic of tech people.
  • We might decide not to do it after all, esp. if the ads are shitty.
  • But, hey, it’s free, so fuck off if you don’t like the above ;>

So, any takers?

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 08 – Learning from Open Source

In this episode, we spend some time figuring out how commercial software could benefit from applying open source software development process(es) (as we understand them) to commercial software development. Along the way, of course, we try to figure out why such software doesn’t already do it that way, and what might prevent them from changing.

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 07 – Driving, Hosting, Indie Programmer

This one is what you might call the “shootin’ the shit” episode
. Nonetheless, it’s all the excitement you’ve come to expect. In particular, you’ll want to check out the last 2 minutes for a real hoot-a-nany.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 06 – The Outtakes

As explained in this episode, we didn’t get together to record this week, so I put together several outtakes and (mostly) unused recordings we had. It’s all just funny-business, no real software this time. Thankfully for those who don’t too much doofusin’, it’s just under 14 minutes.

In addition to the DrunkAndRetired PodCast, we’re planning a whole new format and show with Zane, so look for that soon…along with next week’s DrunkAndRetired podcast episode, that’ll be zero seven (07).

This episode was edited by Coté.

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 05 – Men’s Liberation, IDE’s, DSL’s

In Episode 05 we talk about IDE’s, DSL’s, more code crap, and have plenty of refreshingly brillent banter. It’s what you’ve come to expect from the Coté & Charles DrunkAndRetired.com podcast.

Next week, we finally get back to discussing web applications with special (and future?) guest Zane.

This episode was edited by Mr. Charles Lowell.

“Disclaimer: This post was written under the influence of Gin and Tonic and air travel.”

Our man James “monkchips” Governor gives a hefty dose of G&T induced thinking to episode 04:

But Coté is funny when writing so i figured i should check out Cote and Charles: He’s Burger, Web Apps Suck. Of course i didn’t listen to the first three episodes so who knows if they were any good. But episode 4 is spot on. Scatalogical humour always gets me right in the funny bone. Good work guys.

And, aparantly, we have a cliff-hanger to reveal what the ideal web app framework would be like. Jesus, the presure is killing me; you might spot me next in South Africa.

We always enjoy in-coming links here at DrunkAndRetired.com. They simply can’t be gin-ore’ed. So thanks to James. We’ll have to send you a shirt or something ;>

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 04 – He’s Burger, Web Apps Suck

Here’s episode 04 of the Drunk & Retired podcast. As usual, it’s Charles (in Finland) and I (in Austin) talking about this and that.

The quality of this recording is much better as I finally figured out how to get Audio Hijack to record Skype without all that soundflower virtual cable crap. You just use a voice over effect, recording Skype, and you get not only Charle’s voice, but mine too. But, no one care about all that shit.

Have fun listenin’!

Previous Episodes:
02, 03, 04.

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 03: Finland, Ruby on Rails, DBs

Here’s the 3rd episode of The Drunk & Retired Variety Show (aka “podcast”), featuring Mr. Charles Lowell and yours truely again.

The recording quality is piss-poor. But, whatever, you know you’ll still like it…despite all the little pops and pips…and dog barking.

Previous episodes:

Episode 01
Episode 02.

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 02: The Life Agile, Part 2

(Click here to download/listen to the podcast.)

There’s (above) the second episode for the old podcast. It’s the rest of Charles and I talking about Agile, software stuff, all girded by his time at ThoughtWorks. I think there’s some more StarControl sounds too…and dog barking.

You know you’ve been hittin’ reload on this page just waiting for this second episode!

[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 01: The Life Agile, Part 1

(Click Here to Download the Podcast)

I’ve finally put together the first Drunk and Retired podcast. This is part one of some back porch-chattin’ with my good friend, Charles Lowell about his time at ThoughtWorks, agile thinking, Star Control, and a few other things. It’s about 1/2 an hour, and you know you’ll love it!

Update: also, of course, the RSS feed contains an enclosure for this episode. So, you can just add the URL http://feeds.feedburner.com/cote to iPodder, or whatever podcast aggregator you use.