Yahoo gives Flickr a new face, a new app, and a new business model | Ars Technica

I love it when companies let you pay to stop showing ads: it gives you a good sense for how much each customer (each pair of "eyeballs") is worth. Here, $50/year.

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A peek inside AWS

The engineer says for $7,500 a month, Amazon will guarantee they will be on dedicated hardware, and not just have the IP addresses segmented through the VPC. Noisy neighbors are usually only a problem for larger customers though, he says.

He considers Google to be a serious threat to AWS, but not Azure. "Anyone who thinks there is a ‘cloud war’ currently and AWS is seeing any type of real challenge is just fooling themselves. Nobody can compete currently with the size of AWS, they were the first in and will be the last out. Google however will make it rain a bit, I’ve been using their cloud platform a little bit lately and I have to say. It’s … impressive."

Former Amazon cloud engineer spills to Reddit audience

Virtualization Adoption as a Guide for Cloud Adoption

“By starting with test and dev with virtualization, you could ensure that you had a high degree of success, gain your skills and then move on to infrastructure and finally tier-two apps. Then maybe three years later you got to business-critical apps.

“Just as it was a big mistake to try to start virtualization with the most complex workloads, it is true for clouds too."

Ten years on: How did that cloud strategy pan out?

Verizon Enterprise M&A

Look at the genealogy here, starting with our first move, the acquisition of MCI back in 2006. That provided us this very expansive global IP backbone network. [Then we moved] on to Cybertrust Managed Security capabilities in 2007, and then further on with Terremark in 2011, then a company called CloudSwitch, then Hughes Telematics, as well as the organic investment in our 4G LTE wireless network.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions, the nearly $30 billion unit

EMC World: Pivotal boss Paul Maritz talks up plans for new firm

EMC believes that the third era will be one of mobile devices, cloud computing and big data…. "We don’t want you to build an app in Amazon’s cloud and have to pay Amazon a tax for the rest of its lifecycle."

EMC World: Pivotal boss Paul Maritz talks up plans for new firm

How would you define work in a networked world?

Most of these dynamics predate the internet, but digital technologies are magnifying their salience. People keep returning to the mantra of “work-life balance” as a model for thinking about their lives, even as it’s hard to distinguish between what constitutes work and what constitutes life, which is presumably non-work. But this binary makes little sense for many people. And it raises a serious question: what does labor mean in a digital ecosystem where sociality is monetized and personal and professional identities are blurred?

How would you define work in a networked world?