Pranksters, nihilists, asshole trolls, concern trolls etc. – those who are doing it for the luls, likes, memes, and to entertain themselves. It can be in generic culture, in Wall Street stuff, and definitely in politics and culture war/criticism.

To some extent: “people as they’ve mostly always existed,” but, now, taking advantage of zero-cost and friction publishing and awareness building (“eyeballs”).

Extracting text, results from Scan Thing app:

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An email newsletter is, indeed, a more personal space, and thus more precious in tone than the busy streets of “social media.” It’s like coming into my house, invited more or less.

[This thinking](, though, is something interesting as well: being invited to tour someone else’s website as metaphoric museum house. It’s personal like calling on a neighbor.

It reminds me [Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe]( I haven’t thought of that in a long time, but it was amazing. It’s a real life, surreal dream land: there’s a dryer, that when open is a tunnel to another set of rooms. It’s all like that.

Websites can be like that too.

> As soon as you open the can it smells absolutely foul. It looks and smells like dog food. The meat is packed in a substance that has a gelatinous texture (I guess you could call it aspic?) and for some reason tastes extremely sweet. It takes away from the actual meat I’m trying to taste. Hard pass.

[Whale flavored horse meat](