Extracting text, results from Scan Thing app:

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An email newsletter is, indeed, a more personal space, and thus more precious in tone than the busy streets of “social media.” It’s like coming into my house, invited more or less.

[This thinking](https://society.robinsloan.com/archive/january-2021/), though, is something interesting as well: being invited to tour someone else’s website as metaphoric museum house. It’s personal like calling on a neighbor.

It reminds me [Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meow_Wolf). I haven’t thought of that in a long time, but it was amazing. It’s a real life, surreal dream land: there’s a dryer, that when open is a tunnel to another set of rooms. It’s all like that.

Websites can be like that too.

> As soon as you open the can it smells absolutely foul. It looks and smells like dog food. The meat is packed in a substance that has a gelatinous texture (I guess you could call it aspic?) and for some reason tastes extremely sweet. It takes away from the actual meat I’m trying to taste. Hard pass.

[Whale flavored horse meat](https://sugoimart.com/products/canned-horse-meat-whale-flavor).