[Link] ‘No skinny jeans’: Gen Z launch TikTok attack on millennial fashion

According to market research company Edited, sales of men’s relaxed-fit jeans have increased by 15% and women’s wide-legged jeans are up 97%. The skinny v baggy online debate not only exposes a generational divide but other socioeconomic truths, too. “This is about issues of ‘taste’ but they intersect with issues of class, age, location, gender,” says McClendon.

This would make for a good, New Yorker style essay on many topics, if not just the jeans themselves. Like: what does it say about culture and how does it explain everyday psychology.

Original source: ‘No skinny jeans’: Gen Z launch TikTok attack on millennial fashion

Digital privacy is more about hiding secrets from your neighbors than from big corporations selling you soap.

Everyone knows their problems, so jump to the solution

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Carl Sagan.

In most enterprise tech marketing copy, it’s an anti-pattern to do the whole “you must first invent the universe” thing. Buyers and curious people already know that there’s market headwinds, things change faster than ever, new technologies, etc. They want to know exactly how you solve the problem, not that it exists.

Don’t confront me with my failures
I had not forgotten them. Jackson Browne.

Pranksters, nihilists, asshole trolls, concern trolls etc. – those who are doing it for the luls, likes, memes, and to entertain themselves. It can be in generic culture, in Wall Street stuff, and definitely in politics and culture war/criticism.

To some extent: “people as they’ve mostly always existed,” but, now, taking advantage of zero-cost and friction publishing and awareness building (“eyeballs”).