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Open Source usage survey

Some commentary on a recent survey commissioned from my work, VMware. Unsurprisingly, open source is used by almost everyone. When it comes to what I care about software development, open source is indispensable. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a developer who only uses closed source software, if not whole systems like kubernetes or Cloud Foundry for running their applications. It’d almost be impossible.  And, indeed, in our State of the Software Supply Chain survey this year, 2022, 90% of respondents said they were using open source in production.

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How to write better copy for the while "digital transformation" urgency, "change or die" thing

I love the narrative arc of saying that a problem technology was once the darling technology that saved the day. But, now that previous hero-technology has become the problem child. This isn’t the tech’s fault, it just was allowed to wilt by vendors and users - it could also have been customized so much that it’s now unchangeable (e.g., many ERP and help desk systems). There is a lot of empathy to have for “legacy” technologies!

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Axe the intro paragraph analogy if you don't refer back to it

Often, when you’re writing about tech stuff, you’ll make a reference to some mainstream culture thing. Well, or, like, science fiction, you know, I, Robot and stuff. You might also make an analogy to cars, road systems, whatever.  Here’s one making an analogy between traffic laws and enterprise governance: Dotting the landscapeof the world’s highways and freewaysare signs declaring the speed limit. While these limits vary based on geography, population density, and from country to country, they are a shared concept in that speed controls correlate with safety.

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Don't make your corporate memo/deck perfect

If everyone on a team (including the leaders) accepts that all first drafts are bad, that automatically gives everyone permission to write a bad first draft, about anything, at any time.... The bad draft is a place to experiment with thoughts. A bad draft - an imperfect thing - drives collaboration, exploration, more rigorous analysis, and, even co-ownership. All first drafts are bad drafts (and that’s what makes them good)

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