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[Link] "Acting your wage"

“But what is a quiet quitter? From TikTok to consulting firms, the general definition of a quiet quitter is not someone who is actually quitting a job, but someone who is just performing only the tasks based on the job description. No extra hours or effort, meeting the minimum standards for the job and getting it done. National Public Radio (NPR) asked some listeners to help clarify the term and provide alternative names for quiet quitting.

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[Link] Quiet quitting is a trend taking over TikTok and possibly your workplace - "pro-boss propaganda"

The idea that you should only do the work you’re paid to do, and instead take all that extra work and time to focus on yourself and family. The argument against this (that you should still put in 110%, instead of just 100% or even 80%) is: “It’s part of an overwhelming trend of pro-boss propaganda, trying to frame workers that don’t do free work for their bosses as somehow stealing from the company”

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[Link] Tech Workers Long Got What They Wanted. That’s Over.

One reason for this change in bargaining power at startups: Capital isn’t flowing as freely. As venture firms tighten up terms and investors offer survival advice to portfolio companies prepping for a downturn, startups are more focused on cutting costs than rapid growth. That means spending exorbitant amounts of money on salaries to attract new hires is coming to an end, say those who help recruit for the portfolio companies of venture capital firms.

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Office workers get little reward for returning to the office - an idle factory is taboo

The Office Monsters Are Trying to Claw Their Way Back to 2019 I think the deal here is that “management” has streamlined their work to be efficient and do as much as possible. And they can’t stand idle workers. The office revolves around management: people do prep for meetings where management will make a decision, direct next steps…do the management things. Management doesn’t see how much waste, spinning goes on in that prep.

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How far down does this mountain go?

To get to a higher mountain, you have to first climb down the mountain you're on. So a profound thought-technology goes. But, to make that profoundizing real, how you think through accepting a job that pays less? This climbing down has been an “opportunity” many times in my career, and sometimes paid off (like working at RedMonk), and sometimes not (I’m sure switching to 451 Research was a good climb down, so much as a quick punch-out).

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