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[Link] Google Cloud Seeing ‘Significant’ VMware ‘Momentum’: GM

“How big of an opportunity here is VMware Engine for Google Cloud and your partners? I’m going to say 90 percent of these workloads are still on premise - more than 90 percent. And we all know the dominance that VMware enjoyed on-prem with VMs.” This is similar to the AWS CEO saying, a few weeks ago, that we’ve just got about 10% of workloads in public cloud. And then, frequent reference to “60 percent cost savings on infrastructure” after moving to Google Cloud’s VMware hosting.

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Latest Getting Better at Software Prattle

I frequently give a talk on “what’s the deal with VMware and software development?” Here’s my script/storyboard for one I’m going to give next week. Sometimes I’m told “don’t make this a vendor talk,” which, as you may recall, dear reader, actually means “don’t be boring.” In this one, I was asked to talk directly to what VMware does for software developers, so you’ll see that. If you like it, you should come check out the discussion next week, be won’t be just me and I’m looking to forward to learning from my co-talker.

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modernize large app portfolios by starting very small

Oftentimes, we get clients who will say, ‘We need to assess those 10,000 applications that we know have to go to the cloud before we do anything on them.’ And we try to change that around and ask why: ‘Why do you have to look at all of them?’ . . . I haven’t found a customer that doesn’t know some of those critical applications that are very painful, that go down all the time or whatever the criteria is.

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