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The Compliance Bottleneck Read more in my free book. Transcript 14 reasons why it's hard to change the way you do software in large organizations, number one. Compliance basically means that you're following legal and self-imposed policy and guidelines: the ways that you're doing things and not doing things. Governance. A compliance person can't come in and check every single hour of something that's happening. So your software developers and product managers and operations people have to document that they've followed the rules.

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Executives Must Transform Too for Digital Transformation Success

[embed][/embed] Transcript One of the things executives often forget when they’re transforming, how the organization does software is to transform how they do their job. What I’ve found is they tend to sometimes have the same sort of meetings and they don’t really change the way that they think about how they’re empowering their staff to be more mindful of being involved and having responsibility with their products. The other thing to pay attention to is making sure you’re actually transforming the way your organization is formed.

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What does Multi-Cloud Really Mean?

[embed][/embed] Check out: VMware’s multi-cloud toolkit for Kubernetes. And here’s my answer: “Multi-cloud” mostly means, within one organization, using different types of infrastructure. Mostly simply, public and private cloud. You could say “traditional datacenter” (mainframes, AS/400s, virtualized x86…I guess?). And, you know “edge” (which is sort of an evolving concept, but real enough as a category). If we narrow down to software, though, I think of “multi-cloud” a little different. Here, think about multi-cloud as meaning you can run your apps on whatever infrastructure you need to because you have a common runtime layer and, probably, management tools.

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Tanzu Talk: where did the 'dev' in DevOps go? Was it ever there?

[embed][]([/embed]) I theorize about what the "dev" in DevOps has come to mean 15(?) years in. Here is the transcript: On October 4th, we have a great DevOps conference coming up, DevOps Loop. You can go to to attend for free. What we've been focusing on when we're putting this agenda together is discussing what DevOps is now.  I think one of the first talks about DevOps in this area was maybe in 2008, 2006 which makes it almost 15 years old.

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