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App modernization survey: a lot of just moving existing apps to containers?

🔗 Application Modernization Report Shows Need For Kubernetes-specific Migration Tooling (RedHat survey) - Seems ambitious: “Among those we surveyed, those who were migrating or planning to, we found that they plan to modernize 54% of their custom applications during the next year and over a quarter during the next six months. Only 20% expected the modernization to take more than two years. It’s clear this is happening right now.” Most of the migrations are motivated by “being driven by the need for reliability, scalability and security.

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[Link] "Acting your wage"

“But what is a quiet quitter? From TikTok to consulting firms, the general definition of a quiet quitter is not someone who is actually quitting a job, but someone who is just performing only the tasks based on the job description. No extra hours or effort, meeting the minimum standards for the job and getting it done. National Public Radio (NPR) asked some listeners to help clarify the term and provide alternative names for quiet quitting.

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[Link] Gartner Blog Network

Big sales deals require aligning all the different people at the buyer. With IT stuff, there’s always conflicting priorities and desires across different groups. When they don’t align, it drives 6+ months of delay to the sale. Worse, post-sale you’ll have trouble showing value (leading to renewal, buying again, expansion) as those teams battle it out when it comes to using your stuff. Original source: Gartner Blog Network

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