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#log 2021-04-28

Creative “76% of employees employed by high-growth firms agree that their job requires them to be creative,” from “Creativity Catalyzes A Growth Mindset,” Forrester, April 2021. New talk on metrics I’m giving a new talk for the first time on May 10th, “Beyond DevOps metrics – technical, business, and culture metrics for the software defined business.” I’ll pull a lot from my upcoming Mindset book, and these Tanzu Talk videos. One of the better, odder pieces of PowerPoint clipart I’ve seen today Mindset book My new booklet is almost done getting all put together.

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healthcare tech reports notes

Some reading I did for getting up to speed on healthcare tech. "Claims 2030: A talent strategy for the future of insurance claims" Claims 2030: A talent strategy for the future of insurance claims Using the old AI agent sidekick idea to take care of decision making. You still have a human face to walk you through stuff. Other roles are a person to sort out more complex things that a computer can't do and the data scientists who monitor decision making and do new ML-stuff training.

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