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[Link] Infrastructure for apps: Platforms for cooperative delivery

Alternate phrase for the platform engineering idea: “DevOps for Kubernetes.” Maybe “DevOps4k8s”?: “In addition to its self-service paradigm, platform engineering also focuses on the needs of application developers and operators, the users of the platform. This increases PEs’ empathy for developers and other platform users and helps them gather feedback and iteratively improve to meet their needs, as product developers do for end customers. The shift in focus also better aligns platform development with an enterprise’s true value streams, rather than infrastructure teams being an out-of-band cost center.

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The Platform Bottleneck Platform Engineering, platform as a product, and so forth. If you’re standing up kubernetes or any cloud stuff for developers, you probably need to change how you think about operations in general. Shift from service delivery to product management. Read more about setting up a platform engineering team. Transcript 14 reasons why your digital transformation initiatives to get better at software may be slowing down. Number four. Often what you do when you're fixing up how you do software in a large organization you're putting a platform in place.

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Platform Engineering Needs Marketing Building an internal developer platform and standing up a platform engineering practice isn’t enough. You also need to do some serious marketing! Check out VMware's app dev stack toolkit for building out your platform, the Tanzu Application Platform. When I talk with people about build their app dev platform (PaaS, whatever you're building on-top of kubernetes for your developers to use), I emphasize the need to for marketing around that platform.

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