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Product manage your kubernetes stack to make it more useful for your developers. Think of developers as the customers, rather than thinking of your SL* metrics as the customers. Otherwise, you just have a blinking cursor with awesome uptime. Original source: Gartner Blog Network

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The Platform Bottleneck Platform Engineering, platform as a product, and so forth. If you’re standing up kubernetes or any cloud stuff for developers, you probably need to change how you think about operations in general. Shift from service delivery to product management. Read more about setting up a platform engineering team. Transcript 14 reasons why your digital transformation initiatives to get better at software may be slowing down. Number four. Often what you do when you're fixing up how you do software in a large organization you're putting a platform in place.

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Platform Engineering Needs Marketing Building an internal developer platform and standing up a platform engineering practice isn’t enough. You also need to do some serious marketing! Check out VMware's app dev stack toolkit for building out your platform, the Tanzu Application Platform. When I talk with people about build their app dev platform (PaaS, whatever you're building on-top of kubernetes for your developers to use), I emphasize the need to for marketing around that platform.

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We don’t talk about PaaS…but we still want it

You can start to sound too much like an out of touch old person if you start saying things like “oh, we already did that back in my day.” Once people flip your bozo bit, then most anything you say get dismissed. “PaaS” is in this category now: you can’t go around saying that the focus on and conversation about “developer experience” is, like, PaaS. If you’re working on building an integrated stack of frameworks, middleware, tools, and even developer tooling on-top of cloud/kubernetes, you can’t call this PaaS.

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Trendz! Internal Developer Portals

Here’s a write-up from myself and JT of a new trend in the kubernetes/DevOps/app dev world: developer portals. With people building out the appdev layer on kubernetes (or “DevX”), many organizations are looking at how they support all the tools and internal community for developers. What’s interesting, and new, about projects like Backstage (now in the CNCF, so pretty closely tied to “we’re running our apps in kubernetes” strategies) is that backstage is looking to add tools right along side the usual “knowledge base” and project management stuff you get for internal dev portals, sites, “Confluence” stuff.

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