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Upcoming Webinar, August 4th: Why You Should Treat Your Platform as a Product

Setting up your platform engineering team? Looking to support developers building and running apps that run kubernetes or whatever cloud-gunk you have? Check out my overview and advice for getting establishing a platform engineering team, backed up by real life stories. My daughter won't be there to help, but it'll be useful nonetheless. It's coming soon, August 4th. Register and watch for free!

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What does Multi-Cloud Really Mean?

[embed][/embed] Check out: VMware’s multi-cloud toolkit for Kubernetes. And here’s my answer: “Multi-cloud” mostly means, within one organization, using different types of infrastructure. Mostly simply, public and private cloud. You could say “traditional datacenter” (mainframes, AS/400s, virtualized x86…I guess?). And, you know “edge” (which is sort of an evolving concept, but real enough as a category). If we narrow down to software, though, I think of “multi-cloud” a little different. Here, think about multi-cloud as meaning you can run your apps on whatever infrastructure you need to because you have a common runtime layer and, probably, management tools.

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Improve DevX with Developer Toil Audits - New Paper

I’ve been working on and waiting for this paper to get published. I co-authored it with some of my team mates in Pivotal/Tanzu Labs. It documents a practice that the Labs people have been doing, a developer toil survey. First, we develop the concept of “developer toil” in the paper. I think it’s a type of tech debt that isn’t noticed and optimized enough: all the work and waiting developers need to go through to finally start coding and running their software.

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How to do fun and interesting executive dinners, round tables, etc. - online and in-person

Here’s what I’ve learned in doing 30 (maybe more like 40?) executive events in person and online over the past four or so years. Over my career, I’ve done these on and off, but it’s become a core part of my job since moving to EMEA to support Pivotal and now VMware Tanzu with executives. At these events, I learn a lot about “digital transformation,” you know, how people at large organizations are changing how they build software.

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