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How to do fun and interesting executive dinners, round tables, etc. - online and in-person

Here’s what I’ve learned in doing 30 (maybe more like 40?) executive events in person and online over the past four or so years. Over my career, I’ve done these on and off, but it’s become a core part of my job since moving to EMEA to support Pivotal and now VMware Tanzu with executives. At these events, I learn a lot about “digital transformation,” you know, how people at large organizations are changing how they build software.

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Don't make your corporate memo/deck perfect

If everyone on a team (including the leaders) accepts that all first drafts are bad, that automatically gives everyone permission to write a bad first draft, about anything, at any time.... The bad draft is a place to experiment with thoughts. A bad draft - an imperfect thing - drives collaboration, exploration, more rigorous analysis, and, even co-ownership. All first drafts are bad drafts (and that’s what makes them good)

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