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Product manage your kubernetes stack to make it more useful for your developers. Think of developers as the customers, rather than thinking of your SL* metrics as the customers. Otherwise, you just have a blinking cursor with awesome uptime. Original source: Gartner Blog Network

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An imprecise definition of what “shift left” has come to mean

The charitable guidance on what “shift left” means is: operations and security people working closer with developers, being friendly with them, and vice-versa. More or less it’s that lean idea of “move the decisions closer to where the work is actually done.” The phrase has gotten blown up to mean more than the original DevOps think (have developers put in work to make their apps run better in production, and have ops people work with developers to do so) to mean any activity that’s working closer with “developers” rather than in some waterfall-like, impersonal process before or after developers.

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Platform Engineering Needs Marketing Building an internal developer platform and standing up a platform engineering practice isn’t enough. You also need to do some serious marketing! Check out VMware's app dev stack toolkit for building out your platform, the Tanzu Application Platform. When I talk with people about build their app dev platform (PaaS, whatever you're building on-top of kubernetes for your developers to use), I emphasize the need to for marketing around that platform.

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We don’t talk about PaaS…but we still want it

You can start to sound too much like an out of touch old person if you start saying things like “oh, we already did that back in my day.” Once people flip your bozo bit, then most anything you say get dismissed. “PaaS” is in this category now: you can’t go around saying that the focus on and conversation about “developer experience” is, like, PaaS. If you’re working on building an integrated stack of frameworks, middleware, tools, and even developer tooling on-top of cloud/kubernetes, you can’t call this PaaS.

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What is DevSecOps?

In this longer blog post, I go over how I’ve finally come to think about what DevSecOps is.A summary of what the post covers: 1. A secure software supply chain – This is a fancy way of saying “we know all the components that went into building and deploying this software and trust those components.” It also includes the actual CI/CD pipeline that you trust and that’s resistant to third parties including malicious code, as we’ve seen happen in recent years.

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Tanzu Talk: where did the 'dev' in DevOps go? Was it ever there?

[embed][]([/embed]) I theorize about what the "dev" in DevOps has come to mean 15(?) years in. Here is the transcript: On October 4th, we have a great DevOps conference coming up, DevOps Loop. You can go to to attend for free. What we've been focusing on when we're putting this agenda together is discussing what DevOps is now.  I think one of the first talks about DevOps in this area was maybe in 2008, 2006 which makes it almost 15 years old.

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Reluctance to change - Notebook

I've proposed an open spaces for DevOpsDays Amsterdam, 2021. The idea is: The DevOps community pushes for people to change how they think and operate. When it comes to working better, we have proven tools, techniques, and even big picture ways of thinking like CALMS. You’re more than likely eager to try these new things, get better, change. However, many more people seem less than eager to change - your co-workers, managers, and the countless “others” in your organization.

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