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Webinar: How to Measure Developer Productivity with Metrics and More

Sep 13 - How to Measure Developer Productivity with Metrics and More Coming up soon I'll be moderating a panel about developer metrics. We'll have three actual practitioners, so what I'm looking forward to is how they actually apply and don't apply the common DevOps-y metrics, how they put them in place, and how they use them to make the human situation better. Register for it and watch for free! Also, if you miss the actual date, you can watch the replay.

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Is DevSecOps a Thing...? Or, What is DevSecOps? This is a 10 minute overview of what I think DevSecOps is, has become, etc. It was originally for an IDC Nordic conference. Here's the transcript, apologies for the time codes: Introduction - DevSecOps? Well, thanks for having me here. I've been trying to figure out what DevSecOps means for a little bit, and I think I've finally settled on three things that it is. So what I want to do is go over what those things are, and also related a little bit to what DevOps is and why it's actually kind of justified to use that infix of DevSecOps.

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