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I’ve been doing a lot of CFP’s this week for conferences. I’ve grown laxed through the last few years, so I’m getting back to my pre-COVID conference workload. It’s a major part of my job! has been great, so many people use that. I also updated my speaking page with the two talks I’ve beendoing recently and links to older ones. I’m always looking for new conferences to speak at, got any?

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How to learn cloud native? Check out VMware Explore 2022

[]( If you're doing anything with programming, apps, or the software you build and use to run your organization, check out the sessions we have at VMware Explore 2022, coming up August 29th to September 1st. (It's the new name for VMworld, same conference, though.) Browse the content catalog, and register if you're interested.

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How to Give a DevOpsDays Vendor Pitch

When you sponsor DevOpsDays, you get a 1 to 2 minute pitch. I used to give a lot of these, they’re fun if you make them fun! Here’s the advice I gave a co-worker who’s doing one soon: To say that you “should not do a pitch” is not helpful. Of course you should give a vendor pitch, you paid for this! You just need to pitch it like a person, not “stay on script.

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