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Nice pre-computer charts and data tables from An Intermediate Commercial Geography, Part 1: Commodities and World Trade by L. Dudley Stamp (1965/1927)

Some great chart and tables design in this book: ⊕ Letting the Argintine bar go outside the chart is great, and hard to do in Office charts(?) ⊕ What I like here is using the dots to go between the row name and the rest of the columns. It fills that whitespace nicely and, I guess, makes it more readable so don’t lose track of the row as you go right.

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Things that help companies get better at software

When we standardized and enforced controls in the CI/CD pipeline the quality improved dramatically. Everyone knew the standards they were held to. “Global Bank” Here is an April 2020 McKinsey report that tries to show a relationship between being good at software and making money. I don’t know math enough to judge these kinds of models (as with the DevOps reports too), but, sure! Here’s their relative ranking of how various developer tools and practices help:

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A Good "Platform" Diagram

I’m always looking for good diagrams of a “developer platform,” an “internal platform,” whatever you want to call that stuff you run on-top of kubernetes. Here’s a good one from Forrester, from a webinar I did with them earlier this year:

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