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[Link] Mailbag: What isn't measurable? To hire as exec or not?

“At Calm, I’ve focused on measuring engineering through the number of features shipped, maintaining an agreed upon target win/loss/neutral rate for experiments (e.g. roughly one-third in each bucket), and whether we made exactly one big technical investment per quarter. For many folks asking for an engineering velocity measurement, this will meet their criteria, but it’s really more of an investment thesis. Even if we shipped more features one quarter than another, I wouldn’t actually believe that our velocity had necessarily gone up, it’s more likely that the features themselves were smaller.

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Warm Smiles - a Fictional Case Study in Digital Transformation

I’m back to working on the ongoing book(let) project, The Legacy Trap. Marc has been adding in the real meat of the project, how the methodologies VMware Tanzu Labs uses for planning and doing application modernization, like Swift. Here’s a corny example story I wrote for the introduction, linking together business needs with worrying about legacy software. Let’s look at a theoretical example of that business problem in insurance. Let’s say The Mid-Eastern Warm Smiles Insurance Company wants to grow revenue.

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