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[Link] Rats, Levers, and Parks: Designing Better Choices

“Then a smarter group of researchers had another idea. If you were stuck in a cage with nothing but food, water, and drugs, you’d probably pull that lever until you died too. Most of us would. I’d absolutely go full Scarface if the alternative was rolling around a cage suckling water hoping for salvation.” - That is, animals will behave poorly if they have desperate conditions. They will give up if trapped in a cage and given the chance of bliss.

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[Link] Infrastructure for apps: Platforms for cooperative delivery

Alternate phrase for the platform engineering idea: “DevOps for Kubernetes.” Maybe “DevOps4k8s”?: “In addition to its self-service paradigm, platform engineering also focuses on the needs of application developers and operators, the users of the platform. This increases PEs’ empathy for developers and other platform users and helps them gather feedback and iteratively improve to meet their needs, as product developers do for end customers. The shift in focus also better aligns platform development with an enterprise’s true value streams, rather than infrastructure teams being an out-of-band cost center.

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[Link] The X of Generation X

“Once someone becomes an expert in obscure musical trends and styles, they won’t use pop conventions to represent their own tastes (unless ironically). And they’ll take pride in these elevated tastes to claim superiority over wealthy elites.” And, then: ‘This brings us to today, where the loudest complaints about “cultural stasis” tend to come from Gen X adults whose cultural interests have long been anchored in obscure and openly-artistic cultural forms.

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[Link] The Data Center Is (Almost) Dead

“Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers. In fact, 10% of organizations already have.” This is from 4 to 5 years ago. How has it progressed since? My theory would be by…10% to 20%? Tracking by budget, spend is lower (or existing data centers are highly optimized, fill amortized, and this cheap as a percentage of IT budget): “Gartner’s 2019 IT Key Metrics Data shows that the percentage of the IT budget spent on data centers has decreased over the past several years, and now accounts for just 17% of the total.

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