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Do Less Than You Think Overly ambitious aspirations often fail. Scale back your digital transformation dreams to starts small, learn, grow, repeat. Transcript 06 - Big Bang Releases The sixth reason why changing, how you do software at large organizations usually fails: doing way too much at once, the big bang release. Oftentimes, when you're changing, how you do software at a large organization, you wanna have a big successful release. You've got a lot to change hundreds, if not thousands of teams, and you're investing a lot of time and money and attention from a corporate perspective.

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The Security Bottleneck Read more in my free book. Transcript 02 - Security 14 reasons digital ,transformation fails in large organizations: number two security. There's many things your security staff is gonna wanna do when it comes to making sure the software you build and run is secure. One, they're gonna need to build up a risk profile to understand the new technology you're using the deployment frequency, all the types of risks that can occur.

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