[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 94 – JavaOne with the Java Posse

Java Posse Badge insert

In this episode, Coté talks with the Java Posse (!) about the announcements at JavaOne ’07.

Coté thinks the Java Posse are podcast rock-stars, so he enjoyed it quite a bit. YUH!

As you know, we don’t really do show notes here. But, the Java Posse sure as shit does. Look for extensive show-notes from them, and a better edited and polished episode, once they post theirs.

Also, look for a video version of this recording session sometime soon.

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 92 – Rails Back-ends, Community, and Functional Programming

The only think more fun than XML is…more XML.

In this exciting episode, Coté talk with Dave Fayram (aka “KirinDave”), currently of PowerSet, about his experience writing Rails back-ends (at places like mag.nolia. and mog), being part of the Rails community, and functional programming.

Thanks again to Dave for standing in for Charles who’s at destinations unknown in Finland…we think.

(This episode edited by Coté)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 90: Properties and Scaling in Muskogee

In this episode, Charles (re-)tells us the bear story, then we jump into a discussion of scaling applications, .Net vs. Java properties, and the blender-bound wonders (including Bruce Eckel talking with pineapples) that the future holds.

Also, see: fhqwhgads.

(This episode edited by Coté)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 89 – The Subgeneration of Little China on Grindhouse and Adobe Flex2

In this episode, the sub-generation of Big Trouble in Little China fans talk up the upcoming Grindhouse and then five into an extended discussion of Adobe Flex 2 and Apollo. And Charles asks, “why didn’t Sun do all that with applets?”

All-in-all, I think it was a nice episode.

Thanks to Charles, there’s even show some notes(!):

Big ups to James “An OK Dude” Ward for filling Charles’ head with Flex 2 at the Ann Arbor Java User’s Group recently.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 86 – Cut a Biscuit

In this episode after the usual corny chit-chat, Charles and Coté were lucky to have Pat Hurley as a guest to talk about using Ruby for retail software. It’s good stuff, and thanks to Pat for joining us!

And DrunkAndRetired.com super-fan KirinDave gives us a surprise at the end.

Apologies for how late this episode is: I’ve been at SXSW, see above picture.

(This episode “edited” by Coté.)

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New Podcast Coming

I’m about to start a new mini-podcast called “DrunkAndRetired.com Stories.” They’ll just be little recordings here and there. My desire is for them to be easy to for me to spit out, ad hoc, and short-ish, kind of like my old Gravy series, but not just focused on tech.

My plan is that they’ll be infrequent in that they’ll be driven more by the availablity of anything to talk about than a scheduled time. I’m just going to dump them in the DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast feed. If they get to be annoying, just complain, and I’ll seperate them out.

So, look forward to ’em!

Update: actually, I decided to put them in their own feed ’cause that’d be easier for some hand-waving issues. The page for the Stories podcast is here, and the feed is here.

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 80 – Jemima JavaScript, Cote’ and the Office, Falling/Getting Up, Gay Bands and “C.H.o.Ps”

Turkey Burger and Sweet Potatoes Fries

In this episode, we talk of JavaScript abstractions, optimizing offices, and then Gay Bands vs. Safe BandsCHoPs!

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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