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Things Platform Engineering Needs to Do, also, in relation to DevOps

đź”— Platform Engineering Needs a Prescriptive Roadmap: A Conversation with Nigel Kersten

I very strongly believe that the reason most enterprises fail at these sorts of initiatives is that they try to implement them via project management rather than product management. Treat your internal user base as a market of users, and the solutions you build as products for those users. This means you need to solve their problems for them in ways that work for them, rather than just delivering “capabilities”, and it means that you need to keep solving them as those problems change over time, which they always do!

Also, fine tuning how different teams work with each other, even talk with each other:

Ultimately success requires being very deliberate about architecting productive team-to-team interactions, with as few intermediaries as possible, and to focus on the feedback loops between the producers and consumers of systems. A common mistake I see folks make is to set an open-ended goal of “collaboration” between teams, with endless meetings and working sessions, and it turns out this is extremely inefficient at scale when your consumers outnumber your producers (which they should do in almost every situation!).

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