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🔗 Life After Lifestyle - “in the cultural production service economy, all culture is made in service of for-profit brands, at every scale and size” The whole essay is kind of like a scientific analysis of all the No Logo freaking out us Gen-X people were toying with.

And, then:

the problem is not with the buying, nor even with the culture-grifting of brands, but with some kind of insufficiency on the part of the companies themselves. If the meanings they have on offer are starved versions of cultural membership, then perhaps, I started to feel, the brands aren’t going far enough. Could we imagine a version of a branded subculture that was both nonextractive and meaningful?

Drifting into a clean version of cyberpunk: if there isn’t “non-profit” culture (art?) you need to figure out how to monetize culture. And in return, or should be actual culture, giving something, not just grifting on the signals (the semiotics?) of a culture to sort of trick you into buying things.

Another way of putting it: is there a culture that is not monetized? Has there ever been?,, @cote