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Why OKRs are bad and you should not use them (as written by OpenAI ChatGPT)

This is text generated by ChatGPT.

Here’s the prompt I used:

Could you write a memo explaining why OKs are a bad idea for our FY2023 planning? We did them last year, and half way through the year the planning changed. Also, like any metrics, it seems like people just can game the OKRs Maybe you could suggest either some ways to improve how we make and use OKRs, or discuss alternatives. Could you make it about six paragraphs, summarizing the major points at the top? Also, I’d like to add a PS at the end that we need to approve the budget for the company hot dog parade by the 9th.

And here’s the email it wrote me after just a couple requests to modify it:

Hey everyone,

I wanted to bring up the topic of OKRs for our FY2023 planning. I know that we used them last year, but I think it’s worth considering not using them this year. Here are a few reasons why:

First, I found that the OKRs we set last year didn’t really work for me. Halfway through the year, our plans changed and the OKRs became irrelevant. This made it hard to use them as a tool for guiding my work and measuring mv progress

Second, I think there’s a real risk of gaming the OKRs. Because they’re a metric, it’s possible for people to focus on achieving the targets set in the OKRs, rather than on the work itself. This can lead to unproductive behaviors and a lack of focus on the broader goals of the company.

I know that OKs can be a useful tool, but I think it’s worth considering other options for our FY2023 planning. One option is to use a more flexible planning process like a rolling plan that can be undated regularly to reflect changes in the business. Another option is to focus on setting broader, more high-level goals for the year, and then use other metrics and tools to track our progress towards those goals.

What do you all think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

PS: Just a friendly reminder that we haven’t approved the budget for the company hot dog party yet. It’s coming up quick, and we’re trying to keep costs down by asking people to bring their own condiments. Vegan hot dogs will be provided. Let’s make sure we get that budget approved in time!

Best, [Your Name],, @cote