🔗 Doing just fine, untransformed, Brenon Daly, 451 - ‘As life starts to return to normal and tech is no longer the up-and-to-the-right industry it once was, two points about the “digital transformation” trend are becoming clear. First, much of IT spending of the past two years was simply born of necessity. Second, most of the wrapping up of those purchases as part of some grand strategy was done by the folks selling the technology, rather than the folks using it. How do we know? It turns out, a fair number of companies say they are doing just fine untransformed. [1] A recent 451 Research survey of about 500 small and medium-size businesses found that respondents with “digital transformation” strategies in the works at their companies were far more likely to cut their overall IT spending than other companies. [2] Nearly four of 10 would-be “digital transformers” in the survey told us they expected to spend less on tech for the balance of 2022, compared with just one of every four respondents more broadly.’,, @cote