Do Less Than You Think

Overly ambitious aspirations often fail. Scale back your digital transformation dreams to starts small, learn, grow, repeat.


06 - Big Bang Releases

The sixth reason why changing, how you do software at large organizations usually fails: doing way too much at once, the big bang release.

Oftentimes, when you're changing, how you do software at a large organization, you wanna have a big successful release. You've got a lot to change hundreds, if not thousands of teams, and you're investing a lot of time and money and attention from a corporate perspective. So what you really wanna do is build up a case that it's gonna have a huge impact and it's worth going through all of this risk and change.

So you build a business case that includes transforming nearly everything within at least a couple of years. The problem here is that until you start changing things, you're not gonna learn what works and doesn't work in your organization.

It's not gonna all go according to the books and the fancy conference talks you've seen. You're gonna have to find the people, the processes, the software, what your customers think. Many things are gonna be unique to your organization, the processes, the cultures that are set up.

You need to start small and ramp up as you learn more to more. and That's gonna be the way that you actually control risk and costs.,, @cote