The Platform Bottleneck

Platform Engineering, platform as a product, and so forth. If you’re standing up kubernetes or any cloud stuff for developers, you probably need to change how you think about operations in general. Shift from service delivery to product management.

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Often what you do when you're fixing up how you do software in a large organization you're putting a platform in place. Whatever your cloud infrastructure layer, along with whatever frameworks you use for developers and tools on top of it is to get them to be more productive.

Often time an infrastructure team is asked to build this and they build it without spending enough time with the actual customers of that platform, the developers. They'll build this platform and then they show it to the developers, and developers are not interested in using it. Kind of little wonder because they weren't consulted.

So there's two things you can do to avoid that.

One is to involve developers very early on one or two teams to help decide what's in the product and explore it, validate it, change it as you product manage what you're building for them.

Two, you're gonna need to do at least quarterly road shows internal conferences, where you can go visit teams of developers and have your platform advocates not only training them, but convincing them that it's a good idea to use.,, @cote