The Tech Debt Bottleneck

Figure out where to get started with a developer toil audit.


14 reasons why your digital transformation is stalling in a large organization: number three.

If you're looking to improve the way that you do your custom software in a large organization, you likely have a huge amount of what people call tech debt or legacy software.

These are the systems you're currently using that have brought you all the success and revenue that you have, and now they're too old and they really can't be changed. And if you actually try to go in and use them. There may not even be the skills of people who know what they're doing. As you wanna start using those pieces of software, those services in different ways, it takes longer and longer to the point where people say it can't be changed unless you're willing to put up with six or 12 months.

Now there's all sorts of reasons this happens, but mostly it has to do with neglect. Just letting things go too far and not maintaining them, not upgrading them and thinking about how you build long term architectural agility into them. So make sure when you're looking to improve how you do software, you're really paying attention to and planning for how you're gonna modernize your software. Identify the legacy software that's holding us back and modernize it as needed.,, @cote