The Security Bottleneck

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02 - Security

14 reasons digital ,transformation fails in large organizations: number two security.

There's many things your security staff is gonna wanna do when it comes to making sure the software you build and run is secure.

One, they're gonna need to build up a risk profile to understand the new technology you're using the deployment frequency, all the types of risks that can occur. These risk profiles give them way to model and think about the security risks they're willing to take on, those they're not willing to take on, remediations to do. It's kind of the core model for how security thinks about things.

The next thing they're gonna need similar to compliance is to make sure the software using follows the policies and the guidelines that you have. They'll also use this to patch software as bugs come along the third party software that you use. In order to patch that software, they're gonna need to know what you're using and where it's deployed, how it's configured and so forth and so on.

So these are things that security groups are gonna need to know. And if you don't anticipate and plan for that and talk with them about it, it's gonna slow you down.,, @cote