The Compliance Bottleneck

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14 reasons why it's hard to change the way you do software in large organizations, number one.

Compliance basically means that you're following legal and self-imposed policy and guidelines: the ways that you're doing things and not doing things. Governance.

A compliance person can't come in and check every single hour of something that's happening. So your software developers and product managers and operations people have to document that they've followed the rules. And they need to also provide that documentation to the auditors who can then go in and audit it, look over it and make sure that it's following the right way to do things.

The compliance people often work a lot slower than you want if you're doing a weekly or even daily release with your software. That becomes a huge hurdle.

You need to spend a lot of time thinking about your build pipeline, the platform that you're relying on, the process that you use to make your software, and even most importantly, going to your compliance people and spending a lot of time to show them the new ways that they can make compliance even better when you automate and change the way you do your software.,, @cote