Executives Must Transform Too for Digital Transformation Success



One of the things executives often forget when they’re transforming, how the organization does software is to transform how they do their job.

What I’ve found is they tend to sometimes have the same sort of meetings and they don’t really change the way that they think about how they’re empowering their staff to be more mindful of being involved and having responsibility with their products.

The other thing to pay attention to is making sure you’re actually transforming the way your organization is formed. Because, your organization structure was built around your previous way of working to optimize on costs and efficiencies, but also the productivity and the actual work people are doing.

When you’re transforming how you’re doing software, you’re changing how people work. And so you as an executive need to really put a lot of effort into changing the organization to match the new way that you’re working.

So don’t think that you can just transform the way that people do software or even project manage the software.

You’re gonna have to transform the whole factory of your organization. And indeed, that’s part of what you’re doing, is: transforming as well. Not just the staff who are making that lovely software that makes your organization so exciting, juicy, and successful.,, @cote