What is the difference between the Tanzu Application Service and the Tanzu Application Platform?

When should you choose to use the Tanzu Application Service versus the Tanzu Application Platform? The first, Tanzu Application Service, is faster to get use because how you use it is predefined. The second, Tanzu Application Platform, can be much more customized. When you just want to get to coding, deploying, and running your applications, choose the Tanzu Application Service. When you want to customize how you use kubernetes by building your own platform on-top of kubernetes, choose the Tanzu Application Platform.

The VMware Tanzu Application Platform is a modular, application-aware platform that provides a rich set of developer tooling and a prepaved path to production to build and deploy software quickly and securely on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster. Check out more here.

The Tanzu Application Service was previously known as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, built on the open source Cloud Foundry project. Check out more here.


Coté: So how do you choose between the Tanzu Application Service?

Alejandra: I don't know.

Coté: And the Tanzu Application Platform.

Alejandra: Mm-mmm.

Coté: Well, the Tanzu Application Service has a very well defined way of configuring, packaging, and even architecting your applications. It's really quick and easy to use.

Now. It doesn't do everything, especially more customized things. So if you find yourself needing to do something, it doesn't do, you should really look at the Tanzu Application Platform, which has a little more moving parts, a little more components, needs more configuration, but it's gonna be a lot easier than doing it straight with Kubernetes, which really was never intended to be used by developers and was really made as a platform for building other things on top. of it

Alejandra: OK so

Wait pause there. I must say that was pretty good.

I never hear you done that actually in person.

Coté: Yeah? Well, here I am. Now, here's how I would think about it. You should target the layer of abstraction that you need, the layer of simplicity that you need and only get complicated and complex as it's required.

Alejandra: OK, I think that's enough for today.

Coté: All right.,, @cote