Saturday Links

  • AWS launches Mainframe Modernization service – “Gartner managing VP Mike Chuba said that many mainframe migration projects he has seen never actually get completed, and those that have tend to be smaller mainframe shops or the low-hanging fruit – meaning applications that are not critical.”
  • Where Your Camera Came From – “His rationale sounds very much like the MAYA principle, a strategy developed by mid-century industrial designer Raymond Loewy. MAYA stands for Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. It teaches that products should be designed with just the right balance of innovation and familiarity, or people will reject it. That principle is basically what Steven tapped into. ‘The key, I think, when you’re putting across an idea is you have to understand the culture you’re dealing with, first and foremost, and put everything very much like the culture is used to. And then put only the essential elements of your idea out there so that it doesn’t get confused with things that might complicate the concept.’”
  • Kubernetes Liveness Probe – as someone who had write a MIB parser, walk OIDs, and obsess over JMX, this kind of standardization of basic management functions is, I don’t know, exciting.
  • Dr No to No Time to Die – 60 Years of Bond film sets – fantastic.
  • Executing a Modern Applications Strategy – a webinar I did with Softcat. I spent a lot more time than usual talking about VMware stuff.
  • Software Defined Talk Episode 362: Are we using version control? – This week we discuss work life balance, the State of Continuous Delivery Survey and recap WWDC. Plus, some thoughts on Buddha and parenting…