Working Leftward - Make Sure You Have a Cloud First


When You Build an Awesome App Pipeline that goes Nowhere. If you have nowhere, click here to get a somewhere.

Here is the transcript:

Before you start building your pipeline, your secure software, supply chain, your CI/CD thing, whatever you're using to frequently deploy your apps to production, you should work backwards from where you're going to be deploying and make sure one, there actually is a place that you can deploy, instead of assuming that your infrastructure people are just going to set that all up for you and that they're going to do what you need.

I was talking with someone at a large bank recently, and they had optimized their development process, done really good at putting up their pipeline. And then they found out that the infrastructure people didn't care and didn't have a place where they could deploy it.

Now, if you want to be clever, you can think about this as "working leftware." You know, everyone likes this idea of "shifting left," or whatever... which you can tell to me has become kind of a cliche at this point.

Or you can think of it as "working backwards," start with what you have and figure out what you can do with it. Instead of aspiring to have something new and kind of forcing someone to change the way that they're doing things upstream. 

So remember if you're building out your pipeline, always start looking at what you actually have rather than dreaming what you would like to have. ' Cause otherwise you're going to ship into a void.

Good luck!,, @cote