One quick way to find developer toil


Trying to improve how your organization does software? If you don’t know where to start, start looking for developer toil. Here’s one type: simple onboarding. Check out a systematic way to find more and speed up here.

Here is the transcript:

Let's talk about developer toil. If you're looking to improve the way that you build, you write software, you know, digital transformation stuff, the important thing is to actually get started.

And one thing you can get started on, if you don't know what else to pick is to ask developers how long it takes them, just to get setup. I assume that you give them a fresh new laptop and find out how long it takes, it'll probably take days, if not, maybe a whole day. And that will help you identify many things that developers toil over and give you something to start with as far as fixing it.

Now, why would I suggest this instead of the actual software? Well, the actual code that you're writing, even the libraries and frameworks you use the technology, usually it's just a matter of figuring out how it works and selecting one and experimenting with it and learning it.

But it's usually the process, the governance, all that other stuff around it: what I think of as the arrows between the boxes, that was where all your toil and your waste is. And I think you experienced this in your everyday life: try to expense something, try to buy something and you'll encounter a huge amount of toil, just stuff that doesn't really contribute to the value of the code that you're doing.

So that's something to look at: how long does it take a developer to get something set up? 

Now there's all sorts of other little things like that, if you click whereever, you can click on things, we are watching this, you can see a webinar that will list how do I identify all sorts of other developer toil and monitor it ongoing to fix it.

Good luck. All right. Do you think that worked?,, @cote