Friday Links

  • Van Gogh Museum to present extensive Gustav Klimt exhibition
  • How Platform Engineering Helps Manage Innovation Responsibly – “Platform engineering’s primary objective is the efficiency of engineering within the organization,” he said. In other words, it is about enabling developers to build and deliver high-quality software more efficiently.
  • Security as a Product – Treating Security Like a Product at the U.S. Army Software Factory – “To meet the need, they developed a position called the application security validation engineer (ASVE)…. The ASVE is a code-first role with a focus on soft skills. This individual requires a high level of empathy to work between security, application development, and platform engineering teams. Often, miscommunication and misunderstanding occur between these teams due to competing goals, poor implementation practices, and misaligned incentives. The ASVE helps align teams and keep them moving toward a common goal while removing blockers and enabling collaboration and communication… When input controls, measurements, and defined goals are integrated into application development, security becomes part of the overall process and the final product instead of an afterthought or roadblock. Treating security like a product garners buy-in from the application team to focus on security outcomes during app development.”
  • There’s no such thing as data “SQL colonialism,” or “data as oil” is a ok simplistic or a metaphor.
  • Securing kubernetes stuff: a reference architecture and a hardening guide.