Trendz! Internal Developer Portals

Here’s a write-up from myself and JT of a new trend in the kubernetes/DevOps/app dev world: developer portals.

With people building out the appdev layer on kubernetes (or “DevX”), many organizations are looking at how they support all the tools and internal community for developers. What’s interesting, and new, about projects like Backstage (now in the CNCF, so pretty closely tied to “we’re running our apps in kubernetes” strategies) is that backstage is looking to add tools right along side the usual “knowledge base” and project management stuff you get for internal dev portals, sites, “Confluence” stuff.

Anyhow, check out this article that JT and I wrote covering whet a developer portal is and why it will make your org. run better. Also, we’ve licensed a Gartner report on the topic which you can read for free: it’ll go into a lot more details.,, @cote