Creating new appdev capabilities

I like this point from a recent write-up of the US Army’s software development transformation:

He added that the technology being developed is often secondary. "A lot of times, people get really caught up on what type of software you're developing, and we look at it as the software that we're developing is the intermediate step," he said. Instead, the desired result is having a slew of technology-savvy professionals or "autonomous product teams that we can send out across the Army and hand to a commander without them knowing what they'll be potentially working on."

There are, indeed, some interesting apps they’ve been working on. And I obsess over apps because I want to hear the stories of how they were created. But, the bigger task going on is just building up software development skills, a new capability that’s ready to use when needed for whatever. Just like regular military training, I suppose.

The idea of a battlefield programmer has come up a lot recently. That’s a new capability they’re trying to create.

This group at the US Army is a great source for learning how large (like really large!) organizations get better at software. What they do - the practices - are good, but how they’re getting there (and how they’re changing their minds/culture) is always more interesting.

Here’s some more notes from the article:

If you really want to dive into this software factory stuff, check out this talk from them from last Fall.,, @cote