Axe the intro paragraph analogy if you don't refer back to it

Often, when you’re writing about tech stuff, you’ll make a reference to some mainstream culture thing. Well, or, like, science fiction, you know, I, Robot and stuff. You might also make an analogy to cars, road systems, whatever. 

Here’s one making an analogy between traffic laws and enterprise governance:

Dotting the landscapeof the world’s highways and freewaysare signs declaring the speed limit. While these limits vary based on geography, population density, and from country to country, they are a shared concept in that speed controls correlate with safety.

In tech writing, using analogies to real life stuff is great. Software and governance concepts are so conceptual that it’s a good start. However, in writing, if you don’t come back to that analogy, you should cut it. For example, if the text after this opening paragraph comes back to “you know, like speed laws that are adapted to the regional context they’re in,” leave the text in. But, if you never return to that analogy, just cut it and start with the tech stuff.,, @cote