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Monday Links

  1. Getting Cloud Foundry on-top of kubernetes: Vision for CF on Kubernetes
  2. “More than 75 percent of businesses are now using multiple cloud providers, according to Gartner.” Multicloud, yes or no? Former PayPal head engineer weighs in.
  3. New CNCF kubernetes survey, haven’t dug into it yet. Here’s my write-up of the last one. Feels like just yesterday! I haven’t checked out the Red Hat kubernetes security one yet, either.
  4. How Committed Is Big Blue To The IBM Cloud? - He’s not bullish on IBM public cloud, and instead shows that IBM cloud stratrgy is likely just switching EULAs to subscriptions and porting IBM Software to AWS.
  5. KubeCon EU 2022: From Kubernetes to PaaS to Err What’s Next - this looks like a great presentation.

You should check out DevOps Loop, a conference I’ve helped put together for the 2nd year. I’ve spent a lot of time with many of the speakers on their talks to answer my eternal question: “whatever happened to the dev in DevOps?” I’m looking forward to it, for sure! It’s free to attend, an online, so super-easy. June 22nd! Register for free.,, @cote