personalized ads are bullshit

Totally cool, and all that. Now that I have to deal with GDPR pop ups on _every webpage _, I hope there’s a way to just say “always say no, never ask me” for the notifications. What happens with the good intentioned GDPR is that I’m asked each time, selecting no is often difficult.

Ironic screenshot

I just want to say no all the time. Recently, the content filtering app Hush helps here.

I don’t want to be asked if I want to share my data and tracking info with anyone, I’d never say yes except if it’s the easiest button to click (which it often is). I’m happy to say no all the time, without being asked, and loose the “benefits” of personalized ads.

To put it another way: personalized ads are bullshit. I mean, I wouldn’t mind both it being harder to seek to me and harder for me to find what I want. I have enough stuff and services, I’d prefer to have less.

Good luck!

🔗 Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be enabled by default and arrive in ‘early spring’ on iOS,, @cote