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In Brownsville, which abuts the Mexican town of Matamoros, Mejia grew up eating in a style typical of northern Mexico, “really big on meat, grilling pretty much every day, flour tortillas,” Rojas told me. Hence Carne Asada Sunday, featuring grilled skirt steak—or vegetarian alambre, a mix of vegetables grilled with cheese—plus floppy handmade flour tortillas and all the fixings: frijoles charros, stewed with tomato, jalapeño, sausage, and dried chili; fluffy rice, steamed in beer and flecked with cilantro and coins of carrot; and toppings from avocado salsa and queso fresco to chopped onion and limes.

This kind of thing is just available any time of the day, and day of the week back in Texas. We miss it so much!

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