Out past curfew

Some good person-on-the-street photos and comments shout the COVID curfew in Amsterdam. Lots of dog walkers, of course, cause you walk dogs part curfew:

> Actually I was looking for excitement and sensation and I used Flip for that. My dad normally lets him out at night. But I thought, now I’m going to do it in the hope that I would see some action or something. I really feel like such a grandmother behind the geraniums now that I admit this, but it is true.

_Above translated from the Dutch by Google Translate._

🔗 [Zij waren na 21.00 uur wel op straat: ‘Het voelt alsof de stad van mij is’](https://www.parool.nl/amsterdam/zij-waren-na-21-00-uur-wel-op-straat-het-voelt-alsof-de-stad-van-mij-is~bb8ce969/)