Beyond, you know, not working, there’re good reasons to take vacation. Your brain will function better, your quality of work will be better, and all that digital transformation stuff will go better if you’re not running at full capacity. Management can do a lot to encourage people to take vacation and get charged up for work. In this episode, I got over three reasons why you should take vacation and three ways executives can make sure you do.


For staff:

  1. You need to be limber for crisis time – organizations are killed by when things go wrong, so you need to focus on the “black swans.” De-stressing is good for this. Save up your stress budget for avoiding destruction.
  2. Vacation is part of your comp. don’t let your employer cheat you, rather, don’t cheat yourself!
  3. Always focus on the system, and then yourself – if you feel inadequate, it’s likely a system fault. You can focus on fixing that. But, you shouldn’t let it make you think you need to prove your worth.

For managers:

First, you need people who are relaxed and well functioning. They can’t be stressed. I mean, I don’t know what else to tell you here.

  1. Executives need to lead by example – take time off; proactively tell staff to take a day off.
  2. Give more days off to show your commitment.
  3. Schedule work around holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas code complete and GA dates are dumb.