Beyond DevOps & SRE metrics – technical, business, and culture metrics for the software defined business


In this talk, you’ll hear about three types of metrics that organizations are using to get better at building and running software. You know, those organizations that are doing the “digital transformation” thing so that they can run their business with software that isn’t ancient and lame. BE LIKE A TECH COMPANY.

We all know development and operations metrics like lead time, error budgets, and mean time to repair. But we don’t focus on business metrics enough. And least of all, we don’t talk about internal, organization, or “culture” metrics enough. This talk gives an overview of 15 metrics across three types: technical metrics, business metrics, and culture metrics. If we look at the end-to-end process of software creation, usage, and work as an system to be programmed and refined, we need metrics across that entire system. This talk will help get you started.


This talk is based on real world case studies and is written up in my two books Monolithic Transformation and The Business Bottleneck. There’s also a summary article here.

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